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Digital Marketing strategy for American Mine Door, United States

In order to enhance the Digital Marketing strategy for our client in the United States, American Mine Door (AMD), we have...
Capacitación apoyo

In order to significantly enhance our client’s AMD Digital Marketing strategy  in the United States, we have carried out a support training that will allow them to strengthen themselves in this area.

It focused on improving the ability to support the dissemination of content through the different digital channels, while actively encouraging the participation of each collaborator involved.

Part of the training consisted in the integration of new knowledge to make processes, meetings and events audiovisual records, that will help to optimize the content to be disseminated.

Our objective is to provide the necessary support to our clients so that they can successfully integrate into all digital media, maintaining a unified marketing strategy.

At Ascorp we are committed to the commercial development of companies through industrial digital marketing plans, from their design and implementation, to control and evaluation, for the commercial goals fulfillment. We empower commercial teams without borders!


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