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Corporate Branding and Brand Refresh for Industrial Sector Companies

Consistent corporate branding will allow you to convey the right message to your target audience. The perception that customers have of your company will be determined by a solid strategy that generates trust and fosters customer loyalty.

Branding Industrial y corporativo

Strengthen Your Brand with a Solid Corporate Identity

Análisis de marca


We will conduct an analysis of perceptions, strengths, and weaknesses of the current situation, analyzing competitors to find differentiation opportunities.

Estrategia de marca

Brand Strategy

We will work together on a new brand strategy, meeting industrial market demands and defining key elements for the visual identity.

Identidad visual

Identity Design

In this stage, we will bring your visual concept to life, defining the logo, color palette, and all elements to be included in a professional, coherent, and unique brand manual.

Diseño y embalaje

Brand Launch

We will implement the new brand through a detailed plan, effectively communicating changes both internally and to the market, and evaluate post-launch impact.

Examples of Brand Refresh in the Industrial Sector

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Brand Manual

The brand manual is a document that establishes the rules and guidelines for the correct application of the elements that make up a brand’s identity, ensuring coherence and consistency.

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