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Industrial Digital Marketing Plan Development Training

Capacitación desarrollo plan de marketing industrial

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This training is designed to help participants master the proper and strategic use of social networks and prospecting tools available in the industry. By the end, participants will be able to define target customers, manage social media, and capitalize on information from prospecting tools to create new contacts and opportunities, increasing business potential.


The design of a digital marketing strategy oriented to B2B markets must be based on a plan. In this introductory course, you will learn and acquire the knowledge to move from strategy to action through the discovery of tools that allow you to reach your potential clients, always in accordance with your strategic plan.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to digital marketing.
  • Lesson 2: Business models in digital marketing.
  • Lesson 3: Structure of the digital marketing plan.
  • Lesson 4: Analysis of the current situation.
  • Lesson 5: Definition of the target audience.
  • Lesson 6: Omnichannel analysis.
  • Lesson 7: Definition of objectives.
  • Lesson 8: Structure of activities and strategies: SEO, content marketing, paid campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and email marketing.
  • Lesson 9: Analysis of successful cases using digital marketing.
  • Lesson 10: Control of key indicators of a digital marketing plan.
  • Lección 1: Estructura organizacional de las empresas mineras.
  • Lección 2: Usuarios y cargos estratégicos en el proceso de venta.
  • Lección 3: Tiempos del proceso de venta en la industria.
  • Lección 4: Manejo según perfiles de clientes (usuarios impacientes, irritables, compulsivos, alto egos, introvertidos e inquisitivos).
  • Lección 5: Manejo frente actitudes adversas (Indiferencia, escepticismo, objeciones).
  • Actividad Playroll: Contacto inicial con especialista de abastecimiento activo en minería.

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Sessions: 3 or 4
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Duration: 12 hours
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Mode: Online

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