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Webinar: «Energie/Hydrogène :opportunités d’affaires au Chili»

Management of commercial development at Chilean industrial sector Enhancing the way to generate opportunities.
Webinar “Energie/Hydrogène :opportunités d’affaires au Chili”

We participate at the “Energie/Hydrogène :opportunités d’affaires au Chili” Sharing our experience at mining and industrial business development, thanks to Business France for the invitation and for giving us the opportunity to share with Companies from the Region of Lyon as a company that was born in the city of Antofagasta with the purpose of help industry suppliers  on their commercial development management in the most effective way and as members of the Antofagasta Industrialists Association, we have the vision of the clients supply, maintenance and operation areas this allows us identify what information they are really looking for to solve their problems which help us to lead the way on the commercial strategy design and is part of our mission share that information with international companies.

Chile is the main producer of mine copper in the world, in the period January-October 2021 Chile reached 25.6%, followed by Peru, China, the United States and Australia and Regarding green hydrogen Chile aims to:

  • Produce the cheapest green hydrogen in the world by 2030.
  • Be among the largest exporters of this element worldwide by 2040.
  • Have 5 GW of electrolysis capacity under development by 2025.
  • Reach carbon neutrality by 2050. This with the help of green hydrogen.

Which means that the demand for suppliers associated with solutions in the hydrogen production process will increase significantly, increasing business opportunities for companies that want to come and market their products, but entering a market within a country with a different culture is not a simple job, that is why we have made a special effort to support the process of being able to provide foreign suppliers with a clearer vision of how the development of commercial activity is managed in Chile, what are the steps to follow in order to carry out a management from France to Chile as example, remotely or in person, it is also important to know the supply processes, how to identify the needs in the market and manage to connect with users so that more than suppliers can become specialized collaborators.

Chile is a country of opportunities regarding green hydrogen and the time to start sowing is now, since at the beginning is where the spaces open, the industry knows how to value foreign experience regarding processes, that is why having an Adequate diffusion of solutions around the needs that the industry is presenting is vital.

The pandemic accelerated a process of globalization and today brings us all closer, we have companies with people distributed throughout the world working for the same goal, which today allows us to do business with fewer resources, but for this we must be informed and trained.

If we manage to get to know the industry, the market, if we manage to get closer to users and know their needs, we will be able to discover business opportunities and not only that, but also create long-term business relationships.



Whether you are developing commercial management at an industrial level or you have a company that seeks to enhance its digital visibility, train your sales team, or are simply looking for valuable content that contributes to your development, you will likely be interested in what we share.

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