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PERUMIN, one of the most important mining conventions in Latin America, this time held in Arequipa and Ascorp was present.
Ascorp en la Perumin

From Monday 26 to Friday, September 30, 2022, a new version of PERUMIN, one of the most important mining conventions in Latin America, was held and this time we went to the city of Arequipa to be present.

In the first instance, our attendance allowed us to provide direct support to our clients, suppliers of the mining industry, with whom we have worked hand in hand in the design, execution, and control of their Industrial Marketing plans and thus make the most of this type of face-to-face events, where you have the opportunity to expose the value proposition of the companies, share with the mining ecosystem and above all strengthen ties with customers and prospects.

“For us as a company, it is essential to provide support to our customers in each of the activities that contribute to strengthening their business management and PERUMIN could not be the exception. This attitude has allowed us to get involved and above all to fully understand our client, its organizational culture, its business model, and its value proposition, which combined with the knowledge we have of the industry allows us to devise specific strategies to increase the visibility of the brand and thereby increase the likelihood of generating new business opportunities for companies that rely on ASCORP and our services,” says Jaime Retamal – General Manager of ASCORP.

In addition to meeting the objective of assisting our customers, we had the opportunity to network with a large number of companies, learn from their solutions, and even initiated conversations about new alliances that allow us to complement our services.

Nearly 1400 stands distributed in 06 pavilions is quite a challenge, also considering that since 2019 we did not return to the present, that is why we highlight the organization, especially the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru for making the 35th version a success, we hope to be present at the next PERUMIN.



Whether you are developing commercial management at an industrial level or you have a company that seeks to enhance its digital visibility, train your sales team, or are simply looking for valuable content that contributes to your development, you will likely be interested in what we share.

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